Holistic Injury Recovery, Simplified

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Chiropractic Evaluation & Plan

TRUSALUS offers an in-person, comprehensive assessment of joint function, soft-tissue tone, movement patterns and lifestyle habits to create a personalized Holistic Injury Recovery Plan. This plan is designed to provide the fastest recovery possible and a roadmap for attaining peak performance. Specific recommendations for chiropractic care, movement reeducation and healthy lifestyle modifications related to nutrition, hydration, and sleep are included to create the optimal environment for healing and repair. While our recommendations form the foundation for your recovery, the hands-on therapy rapidly restores function to the body, allowing a more complete recovery at a faster pace.


  • Assessment of joint dysfunction and muscle tone, revealing dysfunctional tissues
  • Assessment of fundamental movements, revealing existing compensation patterns
  • Assessment of daily lifestyle habits directly affecting your ability to heal and thrive
  • One-on-one consultation with a doctor
  • Objective summary of body tissue, movement and lifestyle deficiencies and/or compensations
  • Personalized Holistic Injury Recovery Plan
  • Access to a movement and nutritional support platform
  • Hands-on chiropractic adjustments and soft-tissue therapy, restoring healthy joint, nerve and soft-tissue function which enables the body to heal and perform correctly


A 2-Day Process

  • Day 1 (60 min):
    • 15-minute movement assessment of ten fundamental movements
    • 15-minute assessment of lifestyle; including diet, hydration and sleep habits
    • 15-minute focused chiropractic assessment of joint, nerve and tissue function
    • 15-minute focused hands-on therapy based upon assessment findings
  • Day 2 (45 min):
    • 15-minute consultation reviewing findings and recommendations, with simple ways to institute change for the best recovery possible  
    • 15-minute focused hands-on therapy, restoring healthy soft-tissue tone, joint function and nervous system control  
    • 15-minute guidance on how to use the TRUSALUS resources recommended for optimum success


  • Positive Attitude
  • Willingness to make changes