We are a group of health professionals and enthusiasts committed to bringing an end to overuse injury. Most people unknowingly suffer from overuse, simply because their ability to positively adapt to stress has been overwhelmed by the amount of stress they endure each day. By educating, inspiring, and leading our communities in correcting overuse, we help bring true health, vitality, and prosperity to people of all ages.

The common overuse injury solutions of medication, ice and rest, fall short because they only mask symptoms and never address the root cause. Our lifestyle habits ultimately determine the capacity we have for stress. Our holistic solution leads people through the process of safely recovering from injuries, re-conditioning the body, and overcoming performance plateaus. This includes supporting healthy daily habits while utilizing hands-on therapy to restore joint, tissue and nerve function.

Our holistic injury recovery process includes three major steps: replenishing the body with vital nutrients to restore tissue integrity, elasticity and resiliency; restoring healthy joint and nerve function; and re-educating movement and posture patterns to reduce the wear and tear on the body during activity.

Once our athletes achieve a solid foundation of healthy habits and pain-free, functional movement, we empower them to focus on attaining mastery of their athleticism and health.


Jeffrey Johnson, Doctor of Chiropractic
TRUSALUS – Founder

Through my experiences as a youth athlete I gained an appreciation of the immense educational value competition provides. Like many, I experienced injuries that required physical rehabilitation, which ultimately piqued my interest and led me to pursue a career in chiropractic. For the past two decades I have had the good fortune of working with professional, Olympic, collegiate, youth and recreational athletes of all ages. I have witnessed many overcome incredible adversity and some fall short. These invaluable experiences keep teaching me just how complex and variable challenges can be for today’s athletes. Too often, we are living a life out balance, which leads to overuse. I now consider overuse to be the greatest health risk most people face as it predisposes all people to pain, suffering, and poor performance.

TRUSALUS was founded to provide objective, reliable education, services and products for holistic injury recovery. One that looks at the whole person to addresses the common shortcomings in self-care to restore health and vitality. I know athletic competition provides developing children the tools and discipline to be successful in an ever-changing world. As I enter my third decade of healthcare service, I am committed to bringing awareness and solutions to the athletic community in order to help solve this overwhelming problem and keep people involved in the activities that bring them joy.

Dr. Jenn Rauscher

I remember developing my voice early on in my life. Drawn to the stage, I found a knack for something that scares a lot of people. My challenge was not in speaking, but in finding the message that would serve others the most.

An injury and a battle with cancer provided me a journey to find that answer. A total knee reconstruction ended with me being told I would never dance again. Defiant to thrive, I rehabilitated my knee with hula hooping and aerial dance: finding joyful exercise and I was even already dancing again! Soon I was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Following the recommendations of the medical experts, I underwent chemotherapy and radiation, which only brought about a loss of vitality and a hopeless prognosis. After the treatments failed, I was told to get comfortable dying.

Especially when my own life was on the line, I refused to accept the limitations of these doctors. With the help of holistic chiropractors, I reassessed all areas of my lifestyle. I threw out everything in my kitchen and committed to local, fresh and seasonal food for every meal. After six months, I increased my body’s ability to adapt, felt the best I ever had in my life, was in great shape and my cancer was in full remission. I learned just how powerful the body can be when it finds harmony.

None of this happened because I followed the typical course, but because I dramatically changed and upgraded my lifestyle subscriptions. I have since become a yoga teacher and chiropractor, thoroughly enjoying the process of helping others improve their lifestyles. Lifestyle changes are basic, yet can require immense courage to shift. I aim to make that shift easier for people, while providing my insights, yoga and chiropractic to support the journey.

Dr. T Ambrose Koll

I began my health journey as a young athlete, mainly participating in running sports. Carb-loading and eating whatever I wanted for fuel, I was not aware that I was setting myself up for metabolic deficiencies. When I entered my undergraduate studies for Investigative Journalism, I soon found myself testing positive for Metabolic Syndrome and Pre-Diabetes. As I researched the food system in our country, I knew I had to start sharing these truths and correcting my own health issues with food. In order to eat more whole foods, I continued a passion for cooking by spending a decade becoming a chef, while still pursuing my research. Being a sous chef and head chef, I was able to correct a lot of my own deficiencies, but felt I was furthering these metabolic problems in my customers, rather than helping spread what I was learning in my research.

This brought me to pursue my Doctor of Chiropractic so that I could become a holistic health expert and share all my experiences and knowledge with those that sought my help. During the transition from chef to doctor, I devoted myself to improving movement efficiency in others as a personal trainer. This added another dimension to my understanding of health—teaching the body to move properly is essential for longevity. Stasis always leads to dysfunction. I have learned that it’s never just one thing that leads to dis-ease: it takes a holistic approach to reach true health and wellness. I am excited to be able to share my cooking expertise, my journalistic investigations and my intimate knowledge of the body and its physiology with all that seek help from TRUSALUS.



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Includes: In-depth chiropractic, movement and lifestyle assessment, personalized injury recovery plan to reach your full potential, and hands-on therapy to restore joint, soft tissue, and nerve function.