TRUtraining Overview

Our holistic approach to injury recovery and athletic training assists our athletes in accurately assessing their current Performance Status and provides a clear, individualized Performance Plan to achieve Peak Performance. All services are designed to restore and maintain:
  • Efficient, Pain-Free Movement
  • Optimal Mobility, Core Stability, Strength & Explosive Movement
  • Healthy Body Composition
  • Optimal Energy & Strength
  • Healthy Aging and Longevity

Getting Started — Assessments and Reporting

All athletes first establish their current Performance Status by completing our Baseline Test (onsite) and Performance Tracker (online) to assess their current:
  • Vital Signs
  • Body Composition
  • Caloric Requirements for Healthy Weight Gain, Loss or Maintenance
  • Movement Efficiency (Mobility, Stability, & Balance)
  • Performance Indicators (Inflammation, Pain, Stress & Fatigue Levels)
  • Performance Drivers (Movement, Nutrition, Sleep & Hydration Habits)

Performance Plan — Personalized for YOU!

Each athlete is presented with a personalized plan designed to immediately reduce their risk of injury and move them from pain to peak performance.  Performance Plans include specific recommendations for:

  • Movement (Functional Fitness, Mobility, Strength)
  • Hydration & Sleep Goals
  • Caloric Requirements for Healthy Weight Gain, Loss or Maintenance
  • Specific Caloric Targets for Healthy Protein, Carbohydrate & Fat Intake
  • Serving Size Recommendations for Protein, High-Fiber Carbohydrate, Healthy Fats, Fruits, Vegetables & Leafy Greens
  • Whole Food Meals, Meal Replacement Shakes, Workout Recovery Shakes & Protein Boosts
  • Whole Food Supplementation for Deficiencies & Natural Inflammation Control

TRUtraining Options

Small Group Training

Level ONE:  Functional Fitness Training – Injury Recovery and Longevity

Our functional fitness training focuses on re-establishing efficient, pain-free movement so you can comfortably sit, stand, walk, run, squat, lift and lunge in your daily activities.  Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movement patterns you might do at home, at work or in sports. As your condition improves, we intensify your exercise load to effectively move you from injury recovery to performance training.

Level TWO:  Performance Training – TRUathletes Athletic Development & Injury Prevention

TRUmobility:  Optimal Pain-Free Movement

Restore and maintain optimal, pain-free movement by challenging your body from every angle.  Lengthen tight muscles and fascia, learn proper alignment, activate your core and maximize your flexibility.  This class has been designed to help you recover from intensive training, remove accumulated physical stress from your body and keep you engaged in the physical activities you enjoy.

TRUstrength:  Core Stability & Power

Each session begins with a full body warm up and quickly transitions into a total body workout designed to take your base strength to the next level.  Body weight exercises are performed against gravity with additional stresses coming from TRX, Bosu Balls, Kettle Bells and bands. Moving with a controlled tempo will be stressed to maintain proper balance and posture during all movement.

Our New TRUtraining Schedule:

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