TRUtalks: Episode #1: Recorded Jan. 24, 2019

Interview with Antonio Davis:

The 10 Pillars of Peak Performance:
Perspectives from an Athlete, Coach & Parent

  • Antonio Davis Biography Highlights: NBA Player 1993-2006, NBA All-Star 2001. ESPN Analyst 2012-2016.
    NBA Player’s Association: Past President, Career Counselor, Regional Representative

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TRUtalks: Episode #2: Recorded Feb. 28, 2019

Interview with Dr. Bruce Howe:

Whole Foods & Supplementation for Peak Performance: 
Perspectives from a Formulary, Doctor & Author

Dr. Howe  Biography Highlights:

  • Bruce Howe, D.C., C.C.N. – Nutritionist, Formulary, Author, & Researcher
  • Dr. Bruce Howe has over 38 years of success in the healthcare field encompassing: private practice; research and product development; professional speaking; and author of his soon to be released book “Inflammation: Conquer The Flame Within.”
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