Get Healthy – Adjust Your Lifestyle and Feel Better

Most structural injuries and physiological symptoms result from lacking the right quality and/or quantity of healthy lifestyle factors: movement, eating habits, quality of sleep, hydration and stress management. Our purpose is to inspire, educate and engage our clients in highly integrated services that support them in re-establishing a healthy relationship with their bodies to eliminate pain and improve performance.

Structural Complaints – Signs and Symptoms of Acute Inflammation

Neck PainRotator Cuff StrainPatellar Tendonitis
HeadachesSwimmer’s ShoulderOsgood-Schlatter’s Disease
Shoulder PainLittle League ElbowShin Splints
Low Back PainTennis / Golfer’s ElbowAchilles Tendonitis
Hip / Knee PainIT Band SyndromeSever’s Disease
Hip Flexor SyndromePlantar FasciitisAnkle Strain

Physiological Complaints – Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation

Weight GainFatigue & Brain FogGeneral Weakness
HeadachesRestless SleepMuscle Pain / Soreness
Joint Pain / StiffnessStomach PainGas and Bloating
ConstipationAcid RefluxHigh Blood Pressure
High Blood SugarHigh CholesterolHigh Resting Heart Rate

Perform Better – In Daily Life and Competition

We address the biomechanics of movement by utilizing a progressive testing and training methodology designed to make it easier and safer for you to perform at your best in everyday activities and competitive sports. Our functional fitness training classes focus on re-establishing efficient, pain-free movement so you can comfortably sit, stand, walk, run, squat, lift and lunge throughout your day. Our performance training protocols are designed to increase your strength, speed and agility so you can effectively decrease your risk of injury and take your game to the next level. Whether you’re looking to complete a specific event, improve your times, make a specific team, become a starter or get recruited for college we can help.